Turtle Club
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Running Time 00:04:13
Written by Pierre Belleza
Robert Connelly
Paul Kowalewski

John Sokolis
(creative consultant)
Gilles Gibault
(creative consultant)
Directed by Paul Kowalewski
Robert Connelly
Starring John Sokolis - Billy
Pierre Belleza - Max
Ron Williams
Rob Milchling
Rachael Hyle
Jess Hyle
Robert Connelly
Paul Kowalewski
Era Belleza Brothers

Turtle Club was the only released film from the unsuccessful Belleza Brothers short film productions.

Production Notes / TriviaEdit

  • Gilles Gibault was original set to play Max. Instead, he appears in a cameo as the founder of Turtle Club, seen in a photograph. Keith Madison was set to play a role that evolved into Ron Williams's character.