Spectacular Phenomenal Space Fantasy
Release Date May 02, 2007
Running Time 00:07:03
Directed by Robert Connelly
Keith Madison
Paul Kowalewski
Starring Keith Madison - Captain Baha
Paul Kowalewski - Razamataz
Zach Thacker - Zachmonster
Pierre Belleza - General Woop
Ron Williams - Commander Wop
Robert Connelly - Weep
James Chase - Alien Soldier
Era ZB Original Run

Spectacular Phenomenal Space Fantasy (sometimes simply referred to as Space Play) is a movie from the Original Run that takes the form of a stage play.

Production Notes / TriviaEdit

Tied with Brainwrong for highest casting count in a Zongo Bongo movie, having 7 actors. (Turtle Club (which isn't considered a ZB film) comes in at 8, although most are extras). It should be noted that Spectacular Phenomenal Space Fantasy has one character with no spoken dialog, while Brainwrong has an entirely speaking cast.