Shit Cops Now
Running Time 00:05:15
Directed by Paul Kowalewski
Robert Connelly
Pierre Belleza
Starring Keith Madison - Blazer
John Sokolis - Snowman
David Mueller - El Sombrerbro
Gilles Gibault - Giggle Cop
Robert Connelly - Muscle
Era ZB Revival
Universe Shit Cops Now
Preceded by Cop Earlier

Shit Cops Now is the first official "Zongo Bongo" film since the original run. It is the first of the "Zongo Bongo Revival" era and the first in the Shit Cops Now universe that it spawned.

Plot SummaryEdit

As a narrator starts to describe the scene, Blazer and Snowman are seen in a kitchen. Both of them seem distressed, Snowman unbearably so. However, Blazer pushes him into action and they meet in their "secret hiding place". However, a dark figure, El Sombrerbro, is watching them and follows them, disguising himself in order to infiltrate them. After he reveals himself to be El Sombrerbro seeking revenge for something, a battle ensues. Blazer and Snowman lay dead after El Sombrerbro chokes them to death. Suddenly, though, Giggle Cop (who turned out to be the narrator) breaks in and arrests El Sombrerbro, who accepts his fate, stating that his vengeance is done.

Production NotesEdit

  • Shit Cops Now is also, somehow, the first film to feature all five original Zongo Bongo members in one film (Pierre Belleza, Robert Connelly, Paul Kowalewski, Keith Madison, and John Sokolis). The closest up until this point was any combination of 4 on a number of occasions. Keith Madison was intended to be in Brainwrong as well as Turtle Club, which featured all 4 other members.
  • The name comes from asking John Sokolis what to name the film, with him responding "You know I'm just gonna want to call it Shit Cops or something." It follows two basic John Sokolis name themes: taking something relatively unimportant to the plot and making it the main thing and poop.

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