Senator Bisequel is the long anticipated sequel to the Tank Ripper acclaimed Recruiting Senator Bicycle. As of July 2008, the script has technically been in production for at least three years, though a single word of it has yet to be transcribed in any medium. It is to be based in the Keith Madison version of the Senator Bicycle universe, including OpenCanvas and all of its denizens. It is assumed that all filming will transpire in a singular twenty-four hour span yet to be determined, most likely when all cast members get around to it and have a day off. Several key cast members are expected to return for this upcoming sequel, most notably Keith Madison (Senator Bicycle), Pierre Belleza (Toledo Torpedo) in a yet to be determined role, Robert Connelly (Pierre Black), and Paul Kowaleski (Pierre Red). New cast members such as John Sokolis and other to-be-confirmed actors in yet to be determined roles are guaranteed to probably appear. Upon inquiry of release date, Paul Kowaleski has notably and adamantly replied "Huh?".