Senator Bicycle
Portrayed by Keith Madison
Appearances Recruiting Senator Bicycle
Universe Senator Bicycle
Race ???
Home Senator Bicycle's Realm

Senator Bicycle is the eponymous main character of the Senator Bicycle series. He is a bizarre person known to have great power and is greatly desired by several powers. Little is known about the Senator's past, and he remains incredibly mysterious. The Senator is known for his strange speaking patterns, bizarre mannerisms, and use of a squeegee-esque "weapon". He is depicted in film media by Keith Madison, Jr. He first appeared in Recruiting Senator Bicycle. Under the tutelage of Toledo Torpedo he was able to realize the extent of abilities, and honed them to a razor-fine point. The Senator seems to prefer singular acts of great power than more intricate maneuvers, possibly wishing to curtail the duration of violence and disturbance as much as possible. It can only be assumed that, at his core, his is a life most contented by peace.

Known PowersEdit

Senator Bicycle's weapon appears to have multiple uses. Its primary role appears to be offensive, having enough power to paralyze and possibly kill enemies in a single swing. However, it has also been used to greet allies, possibly alluding to mysterious healing powers.