Recovered Footage 1: blue robot
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Directed by Paul Kowalewski
Starring Pierre Belleza
Zach Thacker
Paul Kowalewski
Era Post-ZB
Universe Real Universe
Followed by Recovered Footage 2: victory lap

Recovered Footage 1: blue robot (aka anomobro recovered file footage 001) is a short collection of experimental test shots and short silent sketches. The first half shows Paul Kowalewski contemplating whether or not to go up a flight of stairs. The second half shows Pierre Belleza and Zach Thacker in a series of unrelated vignettes including a stop motion fight scene and several slow-motion shots.


According to John Sokolis's reaction to the movie, the slow motion portion can be seen as a posthumous tribute to Pierre Belleza. Following this interpretation, it could be inferred that he was killed in the preceding fight scene, and the final scene is his ghost haunting Zach Thacker.

Production NotesEdit

Recovered Footage was intended to be the first in a series of experimental test shot collections. Two other Recovered Footage collections have been "recovered" across vast spaces of time, but no others were released.

The music heard in the background is Polka Dot Tail by Ween.