Magical Choo-Choo
Release Date April 22, 2007
Running Time 00:02:24
Written by Pierre Belleza
Paul Kowalewski
Directed by Paul Kowalewski
Starring Pierre Belleza - The Conductor
Mina Jirecek
Era Post-ZB

Magical Choo-Choo (aka Choo-Choo aka Funky Bus) is a film. In it, the Magical Choo-Choo Conductor shows the audience the features of his vehicle before taking off to a destination. He rewards his trip by cooking spaghetti on the roof.

Production NotesEdit

Magical Choo-Choo was originally supposed to be the first film by spinoff production group Another Mother Brother formed by Paul Kowalewski and Pierre Belleza. The only other film labeled under AnoMoBro was Recovered Footage 1: blue robot.

The music was taken from score written by Terry Scott Taylor from the game Skullmonkeys (Neverhood 2).

External LinkEdit

Magical Choo-Choo on Youtube