Detective H. Boyled and the Board Factory Murder
Running Time 00:03:06
Written by John Sokolis
Robert Connelly
Paul Kowalewski
Directed by Paul Kowalewski
Robert Connelly
Starring John Sokolis - H. Boyled
Robert Connelly - Phillip, Victim
Paul Kowalewski - Chief, Guy
Era ZB Original Run
Preceded by H. Boyled vs. Gene Blu
(screenplay only)

Detective H. Boyled and the Board Factory Murder (also known as Detective H. Boyled) was an Original Run ZB movie. It marks the debut of the character H. Boyled and follows him on an investigation after he has become freelance.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Detective H. Boyled is working on solving the case of a murder when he realizes that the clues left behind (a screw) lead to a serial killer who kills using screws (Phillip). H. Boyled gets hassled by his former Chief, who steals his evidence to be used in his official investigation. After hitting rock bottom, H. Boyled receives a call from Phillip, which re-motivates him. While investigating, H. Boyled is narrowly saved from Phillip by The Chief. Phillip instead decides to attack The Chief and runs off. Once it is revealed that The Chief is actually fine, H. Boyled continues to pursue Phillip and punches him in the face.

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