Day 67is a short film directed by John Sokolis and starring Keith Madison. It is often referred to colloquially as "The Jewel Of The Juniors", as both cast members are named after their respective fathers. It was shot on March 6th, 2007, and wasn't edited and completed until late 2010.

The short film opens with Keith Madison, playing the until now unnamed character of Touchy Feely. Touchy Feely wakes up, marks the number of days it has been since some unseen tragedy (67) which has forced him to live in what is supposedly a shelter, and proceeds to enjoy the day's entertainment. With his best friend Noodles, Touchy jams the case for a copy of Free Willy on VHS into a portable DVD player and seemingly hallucinates viewing the events of the movie. It is not known if Macaroni, a friend of both characters, is still alive, but Touchy seems to heed his past advice regarding the quality of films.

Touchy returns to bed, and presumably repeats these events on a 68th day.